AAC block plant for sale in Dubai

AAC block plant for sale in Dubai

I have come across one used AAC block plant for sale in Dubai supplied by European vendors. Although I can’t reveal exact identity of the seller, I can share details about the plant and equipment. Those who are interested in this plant may contact me on (+91) 76986 17371 to know more about this plant. I have personally visited this plant in January 2014 and seen it firsthand. AAC blocks are also called Thermostone blocks in UAE.

This plant was supplied by European vendors and uses H+H and STEMA cutting line. Seller is willing to sell just equipment or entire plant based on buyer’s preference. Visit to this plant can be arranged based on mutually convenient time. This plant has a production capacity of 860m3/day in 24-hour cycle. Equipment is suited to make AAC blocks in size range of 550 & 600mm x 250mm x 100/150/200/250/300mm. Please note that this equipment is meant only for AAC blocks and not AAC panels. Concerned plant was producing AAC blocks (or Thermostone blocks) using sand as primary raw material. This plant has been shut down since 2008. During expansion, some equipment was imported from China.

H+H type moulds used at AAC block plant for sale in Dubai

Rendering of H+H type moulds

Basic details of used AAC block plant for sale in Dubai are given below:

Serial No.ItemDescription
1Plant Capacity860 m3/day
2Plant TechnologyH+H/STEMA
3Ball Mill1 x FL Smidth 24m3 Horizontal Continuous Ball Mill
  1 x FL Smidth 18m3 Horizontal Continuous Ball Mill
4Slurry Tanks4 x 184m3
  2 x 45m3
5Batching and MixingFully Automated Batching and Mixing System
6Transfer System83 x 3.6m3 Transfer Wagons
  ABB Automated Load/Unload Wagon Transfer System
7Cutting System1 x H+H Cutting Line
  1 x STEMA Cutting Line
8Autoclaves11 x Kahler & Breum – 170m3, 12kg/cm2
  5 x Chan Cheng – 168m3, 16kg/cm2
9Steam Generation1 x Danstoker DRK Steam Boiler (1971) – 6 TPH, 12.7 kg/cm2
  1 x Danstoker DRK Steam Boiler (1973) – 6 TPH, 12.7 kg/cm2
  1 x Alitaliya
  Grundfos Steam Pumping System
10Compressors & Air Handling1 x Compair L45-13 Compressor – 13 Bar, 6.11 m3/min
  1 x Compair L37-13 Compressors – 13 Bar, 4.40 m3/min
  1 x Compair F0220HA0111E 407C Refrigerant Air Dryer
11Test EquipmentForm+Test Mega 11-200 D Compression Tester, DigiMess M-10
  Satorious GD603 Weighing Balance
  Endel Electronic Scale
  Ballerur Hand Mixer
  Mettler H18 Balance Scale
  Retsch Dryer
  Veritest 1250Kp/cm2 Pressure Tester
  Heraeus/Eihret Electric Ovens
12MiscellaneousChilled Water Plant

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