AAC Project Consulting Services

AAC India is a  leading organization engaged in providing consulting services for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) industry. We provide end-to-end consulting services to set up sustainable AAC blocks and panels projects across the globe. Our basket of services is designed to be modular. This way a client organization may select exactly services required in order to set up AAC blocks and panels plant. Since AAC project set up is a big task, we might have missed out on few services that you may require, so feel free to contact us to know more. Spectrum of our consulting services is given below.

Primary Consulting Services

  • Project feasibility and analysis
  1. Market Analysis
  2. Market Projections
  3. Detailed Project Report
  4. Location recommendations
  • Evaluation of equipment
  1. Identifying good vendors from the lot.
  2. Evaluating vendors depending on their equipment, price, customer relationship and after-sales support.
  3. Shortlist top 3 vendors after considering above mentioned parameters.
  • Configuration of equipment
  1. Selecting the technology to be deployed in general terms.
  2. Selecting and customizing equipment based on that technology.
  3. Identifying and replacing assemblies and sub-systems to suit local conditions and availability.
  4. Identifying assemblies and sub-system that may be procured locally.
  • Negotiation for equipment
  1. Negotiate in terms of cost, time frame as well replacement of assemblies with local alternatives.
  • Ordering equipment
  1. Help prepare an agreement that covers all equipment and services in minute detail.
  2. Include finest details of service contract for scope and services to be provided by the vendor during erection & commissioning as well as after-sales support.
  3. Include all the details about training technicians at vendor’s facilities.
  • Engineering design and layouts
  1. Finalize general and individual layouts for maximum operationals efficiency and to minimize civil work.
  • Inspection prior to loading
  1. Check all parts and sub-assemblies prior to packing and loading to ensure they are as per specifications and complete in all respects.
  • Stuffing into containers
  1. Ensure that all parts and sub-assemblies are properly packed and loaded in containers.
  2. Prepare detailed shipping manifests for use during de-stuffing.
  • De-stuffing of containers
  1. Check that equipment has arrived safely and per shipping manifest prepared during stuffing.
  • Civil works
  1. Ensure that quality of work is up to desired standards and as per drawings.
  2. Ensure that work at site is in accordance with layouts and requirements.
  • Electrical work
  1. Installation of equipment like transformer and other auxiliaries.
  2. Distribution in to various zones as per requirements.
  3. Panels and cabling work to ensure proper power distribution and functions.
  4. Electrical installations in support of key equipment.
  • Mechanical work
  1. Installation & commissioning of mechanical equipment and infrastructure like silos, slurry tanks, rails, etc.
  2. Installation of critical items like boiler and accessories.
  3. Installation of support equipment like generators.
  • Erection & Commissioning of manufacturing plant
  1. Provide technicians and engineers towards E&C of key equipment.
  2. E&C to be done in collaboration with relevant equipment vendor.
  • Trial production run
  1. To carry out trial production run with various recipes and product categories.
  2. To identify and recommend best stable recipes and their iterations depending on environmental and raw material fluctuations.
  • Training of operators
  1. Provide training to operators and technicians and explain them general problems that might arise, their implications and steps to overcome those issues.
  2. Provide process related training.
  3. Set up Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for plant operation under normal circumstances as well as contingency plans.
  • Final production
  1. Ensure consistent product quality.
  2. Set up processes to ensure adherence to relevant local standards (IS, ASTM, EN, etc.) for products.

Additional Consulting Services

  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  1. Operational consulting services to ensure proper operation of manufacturing plant.
  2. Regular checks and preventive maintenance of manufacturing equipment.
  3. Quality and quantity assurance.
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Portfolio expansion
Consulting services for AAC projects

Consulting services for AAC blocks and panels project

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