AAC blocks, Siporex blocks, Thermostone, Planstone and PAC blocks

AAC blocks, Siporex blocks, Thermostone, Planstone and PAC blocks

Hello guys,

Sorry to break the flow of AAC blocks vs CLC blocks guide, but I thought this might be helpful to some of you. Of late I have been receiving many emails where some entrepreneurs requested information about Planstone, Thermostone and Precast Aerated Concrete (PAC). Let me clarify that AAC blocks, Thermostone, Planstone, PAC blocks, etc. are one and the same. It is essentially the same product referred to by various names depending on the region. In some regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra in India, AAC blocks are also called Siporex blocks. In Germany AAC blocks are also called Porenbeton or Gasbeton.┬áSo don’t get confused by different names, it is the same AAC blocks with many advantages and benefits for all.

AAC blocks, Siporex blocks, Thermostone, Planstone and PAC blocks

AAC blocks, Thermostone, Planstone and PAC blocks are all same blocks by different names

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  1. Dear sir
    I am Emad from ritaj group company
    We are locking for make thermos tone block factory
    Can you over that

    • Dear Emad,

      Thank you for your response on my website. I would be glad to help you. Where do you plan to set up Thermostone block factory? What capacity are you looking at?


      Vishal Kansagra
      (+91) 76986 17371

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  4. please sir send me data about this products I am interested in this products I am civil engg

  5. Hi, we are constructing a 21 storey tower and want an alternative against bricks but we don’t want to use siporex as it is costing Lil more can u plz suggest me any alternative which will reduce the cost and also will be light in weight

    • Dear Mohsin,

      Have you discussed about AAC blocks with your Structural Engineer? I am sure he would recommend AAC blocks. Purchase cost might be little higher, but effective project cost will decrease due to savings in concrete, steel and construction time.

      Anyways, if you don’t want to use AAC blocks due to cost, you may try CLC blocks or fly ash bricks. While there may be problems with consistent quality of CLC blocks, fly ash bricks will add lot more dead weight to your structure.


      Vishal Kansagra
      (+91) 98796 09129