AAC Projects Support Platform

We have been associated with AAC blocks industry since a long time. It is due to your continued support that AAC India – our AAC Project Consulting website – has witnessed good number of hits and wonderful responses. It occurred to us that setting up AAC project is just one part of the equation. Second and most critical part of this equation is educating customers, marketing and selling AAC blocks in near and far markets. Key to this equation lies in creating awareness about AAC blocks, dispelling myths and misconceptions and hence increased market share in construction industry. As market share will increase leading to higher volumes, it will create a bigger pie for all AAC manufacturers. Customers will also benefit from this increased competition as it would translate to easy availability, competitive pricing, better product quality and after-sales support.

Our constant endeavor to support growth of AAC industry and products led to an idea of building a common platform for all stakeholders to connect. We have widened our scope to include local as well as global players. We are not trying to connect global players with global customers. This thought process has led to development of our new project. Right now we have named it Global AAC Projects Support Platform. Sole purpose of this website would be to provide a common ground for raw material suppliers, AAC plant manufacturer, auxiliary equipment manufacturers, AAC block manufacturers, and customers. Anybody can share commercial information by filling out this form. Information you share will be uploaded on Global AAC Projects Support Platform so that it reaches a wider audience spread across the globe. Here’s a screenshot. Of course final version may look little different.

Screenshot of AAC Projects Support Platform

AAC Projects Support Platform Screenshot

Another screenshot of AAC Projects Support Platform

AAC Support Platform screenshot-2

This is our humble effort to bring greater connect and transparency to AAC industry and weed out shadowy characters from entire chain. In this manner manufacturers and customers need not run after each other and would save their precious time and effort. We hope that this website would enjoy same love and respect that you gave to AAC India. This is project is in advance development stage and we will let you know as soon as this platform is up and running.

We are trying to do something wonderful here and build one interesting and easy to navigate platform for everybody involved with AAC industry across the globe.  Till then you may visit AAC India Consulting website for information related to AAC projects.

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