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My name is Vishal Kansagra and I am a proud citizen of India. I am a businessman by profession and a defence enthusiast by passion. Before I am became a consultant for AAC Industry, I did many interesting things. I have worked with some of the most respected IT MNCs. Later I worked as a gadget reviewer with Digit for some time. Finally I decided to be my own boss and entered alternate/renewable energy business. It proved truly green, for the world as well as my pocket. In addition to other ventures I also provide consulting services globally for manufacturing AAC blocks and related products. My latest venture is AAC blocks industry support platform. As title suggests, this platform is meant to support various aspects of AAC industry.

Couldn’t get defence and writing bug out of me, so keep writing/publishing on my blog, Twitter and newspapers. Topics closest to my heart are sustainable energy, economic development and national security. I travel a lot on business and get to meet interesting people from across the globe. Besides defence, I am crazy about food. Love to try out local food wherever I go. I am also writing a spy-thriller novel. But thanks to huge interest generated about AAC in Indian market, I am still stuck with writing Chapter-4. Here’s the link to my spy-thriller novel. I also run a YouTube channel – Savaj Outdoors – with a friend of mine. We demonstrate various skills and gear for outdoors and bushcraft.

In addition to other roles, I also mentor entrepreneurs to fine-tune and adapt their business plans to ground realities. I am on mentor network of Ventura’13 – an initiative by NIT Trichy.

Love you all,

Vishal Kansagra

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  1. Hiii…Vishal
    First off all thanks a lot for such an useful and supportive iniciative for upcomming entrepreneurs of India….

    Can you please guide me with some information (project report would be great) for a setup of a 160 to 200 m3/day capacity AAC plant in Satara region (110 Kms south on Pune-Banglore highway).
    Is it possible to setup a plant for such capacity ? Can you provide some names of the vendors for such machinery…

    As per your research can it be feasible, considering this market is not much aware to AAC (100 Kms radius)

    Most important how do you see the future of AAC in India… will it be the monopoly of major players or small and medium scale projects might have a key role to play ???

    Thanks a lot again for such a portal

  2. hello vishal

    I am looking for my new commercial complex project AAC blocks my place is in karnataka in SIRUGUPPA-583121 If you possible for supply blocks send me quotation.

    • Dear Srinivas,

      Thank you for your response on my website. I think your best bet would be manufacturers located at Hyderabad due to geographical proximity compared to Pune, Chennai or Bangalore.


      Vishal Kansagra

  3. Hi Vishal
    I am planning to use AAC blocks for my 3 story house construction. The ground floor already built with the red clay bricks. I want to make 2 more floors with AAC block. But I am little skeptical about the durability and strength of this blocks as my contactor says it may not have a good life. Should we worry if it rains continuously for 24 hours after the AAC block wall is made? You said we should not dip it in water etc and it might tend to exapnd if it gets soaked. Can you please clarify these points. I want to be absolutely sure before I start using these blocks.

    • Dear Trilochan,

      Thank you for your response on my website. As far as durability of AAC blocks is concerned, it has a minimum lifespan of 70-80 years in Indian conditions. Regarding compressive strength, let me know what is the compressive strength of clay bricks available in your area. Once wall is built using AAC blocks and plaster is applied to it, you need not worry as there is plaster between rain and surface of AAC blocks. When it comes to dipping AAC blocks in water, all 6 surfaces of AAC block absorb water. In case of rainfall, only 1 surface is exposed to water. Although it may absorb water (in case plaster is not applied) from that surface, it would not allow water to propagate to the other side.


      Vishal Kansagra
      (+91) 76986 17371

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am Siddharth, from Pune,Maharashatra, recently joining my family business of construction and trading of construction materials, I have some how heard about AAC blocks and developed interest in setting up a plant,
    Please guide me as I have zero knowledge about plant set up & its cost.
    Waiting in anticipation for ur useful response

    Siddharth dhoka

    • Dear Siddharth,

      Thank you for your response on my website. I’ll email you a brief about various factors and dynamics involves in AAC blocks project.


      Vishal Kansagra
      (+91) 76986 17371

  5. hello vishal sir ,this is Tushar from maharashtra .we have got a plant of clc block in maharashtra.i am getting only one problem in my block .my blocks are not getting nailed .i have tried lots of methods ,lots of chemical ,….. but failed ,can you plz tell us how to solve this problem.


    • Dear Tushar,

      Thank you for your response on my website. Are you driving the nail directly in these blocks? Have you tried using wall plug and screw? Try it and let me know.


      Vishal Kansagra
      (+91) 76986 17371