Global AAC Projects Support Platform – up and running

Hello everyone,

We have some good news for you. Our Global AAC Projects Support Platform is up and running. Now you’ll be able to find anything you require from AAC blocks to AAC plant equipment at same place. What’s more, we have made it easy to navigate by integrating map functionality. We thought that it would be good to give you an overview of this platform and its capabilities so that you can make most of it.

Global AAC Projects Support Platform

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As you can see in above screenshot, home page has six main sections. Although name of each section is self explanatory, we would like to give a brief description about each section.

  1. AAC Blocks and Panels – This section displays AAC blocks and panels manufacturers listed with us. You may select relevant filters to find a manufacturer who can fulfill your requirements.
  2. Auxiliary Equipment – This section lists manufacturers and fabricators who supply various auxiliary equipments like rails, silos, tanks, autoclaves, and so on, that are required for operating an AAC plant.
  3. Raw Material – Here you can find various vendors willing to supply the raw material and consumables required for manufacturing AAC products. These include sand, fly ash, cement, quick lime, gypsum and aluminium powder \ paste, soluble oil, and so on.
  4. Business Speaks – This section will take you to a list of articles contributed by members related to the AAC industry. Everybody can voice their thoughts and share their knowledge about various aspects of the market here.
  5. AAC Plant Equipment – Listed here are suppliers and manufacturers of AAC Plant Equipment. You may search for vendors who meet your criteria and communicate with them in this section.
  6. Trading – The Trading section is designed so that buying leads are easily visible to any visitor. In case a visitor is interested in getting offers from listed AAC blocks and panels manufacturers, he may fill up a form to get his buying lead registered. As soon as this is done, all listed AAC blocks and panels manufacturers will get an email with the relevant details. They can then submit their offers for the lead. In case the visitor is an AAC blocks and panels manufacturer and would like to make an offer for an existing buying lead, he may do so by filling up a form available on the detailed buying lead page.

Wait, there’s more! Some of you might be plant owners, equipment manufacturers, or raw material suppliers who want to get your organization listed on the Global AAC Projects Support Platform. If that’s the case, just click the green button on the bottom right corner that says “Get Listed. It’s Free!” and share the details about your organization. Once we have this information, we’ll list it on for free.

So what are you waiting for? Get your organization listed and instantly become connected to a global audience!

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  1. I’ve been checking out your blog recently. Really helpful articles and points to note.

    This is some good stuff. I shall check it out. Planning for a small scale plant near Ahmednagar. Shall post/enquire soon.