Problems Related To AAC Blocks Usage

Problems Related To AAC Blocks Usage

In last year lot of new AAC blocks projects have come up across India. With increasing supply and promotion of AAC blocks, awareness about this sustainable product is also increasing. More and more builders are looking favourably towards AAC blocks as their preferred walling material. Although number of users in absolute terms might be small, growth in relative terms has been encouraging. This growth can reach higher levels but for certain misconceptions and issues related to usage AAC blocks.

We at AAC India constantly work towards building stronger foundations for AAC industry in India and ensure that our country as a whole benefits from this wonderful product. As a part of our initiative we are working on a whitepaper with one of the premier universities in India. This whitepaper will try to answer most common problems related to AAC blocks usage. Experts from industry as well as academics will answer these queries and help users understand how to use AAC blocks in an effective and efficient manner. Since it may not be possible for us to know about ‘all’ problems related to AAC blocks usage, we request you to share your views on this topic so that we can make it as elaborate as possible.

We have also tried to list couple of misconceptions/issues popularly associates with AAC blocks. We encourage you to add more to the list based on your experiences or perception.

  1. AAC blocks have higher water absorption compared to clay bricks!
  2. AAC blocks are not suited for external walls in areas with high rainfall!
  3. AAC blocks lead to higher project cost in high-rise buildings!
  4. AAC blocks are not as strong as clay bricks!
  5. A wall made of AAC blocks can’t hold nails!
  6. It is hard to carve conduit ‘jari‘ in AAC blocks wall.
  7. Plaster does not stick well to AAC blocks.
  8. Cracks appear in walls 2-3 months after plaster is applied.

List of problems related to AAC blocks usage runs pretty long.  While some problems are genuine, others are just misconceptions. We would love to try and accommodate all those in our whitepaper. You may also post your problems and observations on this thread titled Problems related to application of AAC blocks. So hit your keyboard with vengeance and send us your problems and we’ll love to include them in our whitepaper.

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