My speech – Indian AAC Industry – Today and Tomorrow

All those involved with AAC industry in India will agree when I say that our industry is facing some tough times due to slow down of Indian economy in general. Moreover Indian AAC industry works in a different manner compared to AAC industry in other countries. So, when I got a chance to connect with global audience and deliver a speech, I could not let it go. My choice of topic was ‘Indian AAC Industry – Today and Tomorrow’. I have shared the presentation below.

The platform for this speech was 2nd Wall Material Technology International Forum organized by KEDA-Suremaker. This forum took place on 21-23 Nov, 2014 at Chuzhou City, China. It was great experience as participants from AAC manufacturing companies across the globe shared their experiences and opinions with each other.

I have shared an edited video of my speech here for benefit of all. I would love to hear suggestions and inputs from all of you. I have tried my best to cover all the issues faced by Indian AAC industry and suggested certain remedies for the same. I was not able to elaborate on each and every issue/remedy due to time constraints.

I would like to thank KEDA-Suremaker for giving me this opportunity and all those who interacted with me and helped me increase my knowledge about AAC industry across the globe.


For Powerpoint presentation used for this speech, click below.

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