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We provide consulting services to set up AAC blocks manufacturing projects. Primary purpose of this website is to create awareness about AAC products and to boost production and usage of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) products across the globe. We also like to share knowledge and experiences related to AAC industry acquired over a period of time.

AAC was invented in Sweden by an architect named Johan Axel Eriksson in early 1923. Although his purpose for inventing AAC was to overcome shortage of timber in Sweden, AAC has found global acceptance. AAC blocks and panels promise a welcome change to Indian construction industry as well.

Although AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, it has couple of other names too. Depending on geography it may be called Siporex, Thermostone, Planstone, Precast Aerated Concrete (PAC), Porenbeton, Gasbeton, Autoclaved Cellular Concrete (ACC), Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) or just Aerated bricks.

AAC products offer superior insulation, cost-effectiveness and durability compared to clay bricks. Detailed comparison between AAC blocks vs clay bricks may be found here. You can also learn more about features of AAC products and advantages of AAC products on our website.

AAC is a lightweight material produced by mixing silica rich material (sand or fly ash/pond ash), cement, lime, gypsum, aluminum powder/paste and water. Aluminium acts as a catalyst. It generates hydrogen gas upon reacting with cement and lime during AAC blocks manufacturing process. Hydrogen gas escapes from concrete mix imparting a porous structure to AAC blocks and panels.

As of today, AAC blocks manufacturing projects exist in more than 40 countries and used across more than 70 countries. Cumulative manufacturing capacity of AAC blocks manufacturing projects stands at over 75 million m3/year. Xella International GmbH is world’s largest AAC manufacturer while Biltech Building Elements Limited is India’s largest AAC manufacturer. Xella was formed by merger of Ytong and Hebel. Various countries have adopted manufacturing processes to suit their local requirements and named them accordingly. Due to various beneficial properties of AAC, it is widely used in countries with extreme temperatures, high seismic activities, etc. A wide range of such products offer practical and flexible solutions for construction industry.

Currently housing market in Europe is not growing rapidly due to lower population growth and economic factors. Due to these, growth of AAC industry in Europe has slowed down considerably. In contrast to these, same industry is growing rapidly in Asia due to strong demand in housing and commercial space. China, India, Middle-East and Central Asia are the biggest markets in terms of AAC manufacturing and consumption.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing regional market for building materials over the analysis period 2007-2015. Growth is primarily driven by strong construction activities. This is due to mass exodus of manufacturing and production bases to low cost Asian countries. Continuous and rapid industrialization in regional powerhouses such as China and India is also a driving factor. Increasing income levels, higher spending power, improving standards of living, etc. lead to higher demand for residential and commercial constructions. Currently there are around 35 AAC blocks manufacturing plants across India with a heavy concentration near Surat, Gujarat. More and more AAC blocks plants are set up across India as awareness about AAC blocks is growing. Click here for a list of AAC blocks manufacturers in India. While most of these plants are AAC blocks projects, some plants are also AAC blocks and panels manufacturing projects.

For more detailed information about various aspects of AAC blocks and panels projects like manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, etc. , you may refer to AAC blocks and products blog.

To know more about our consulting services for AAC blocks and panels projects, you may refer to AAC Project Consulting Services page.

We at AAC India constantly come up with new ideas to create awareness about AAC industry and products. Our latest endeavor is to build a common platform to cover entire spectrum of AAC industry right from raw materials used for manufacturing AAC products to AAC products of various shapes and sizes. We invite you to be a part of this movement and interact with a wider range of customers.

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